Zace services SA was founded in 1982 by Thomas K. Zimmermann, Carlos Rodriguez and Blaise Rebora with the aim of developing software dedicated to civil engineering on the newly emerging personal computers. After several pilot programs, the first commercial software, ZSoil®.PC, was released in 1985.

The initial development of ZSoil®. PC software were carried out under the supervision of Thomas Zimmermann, with a team composed of Carlos Rodriguez, Basile Dendrou, Blaise Rebora, José Diaz and Françoise Delaraye, with research experience at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, U.C.Berkeley, Caltech, and Purdue University.

ZSoil®.PC, static and two-dimensional in its first version, now offers a unified approach to soil, rock, and structural mechanics, including flow, thermal effects, large displacements, dynamics, and pushover analysis, all in 3 dimensions.

An overview of the history of these developments is presented on the next pages.

Since October 2022, GeoDev has been centralizing all activities around ZSOIL.PC: Research & Development, Hotline, Training and Sales.